Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Whether you like to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint or you just want an excuse to throw a party and drink green beer, we have the perfect holiday bouquets for you. For this holiday, Kareena Fonseca, our mass market sales advisor, is giving you four different options.

If you want a small accent piece go for the 7-stem or 12-stem bouquet, it will add a bit of Irish charm to your party.

If you’re looking for a table centerpiece, we recommend you use the 18-stem or 37-stem bouquet.

If you’re not keen on celebrating St. Patty’s Day, you can still use these bouquets for any spring occasion. While creating these bouquets, we made them subtle and classy by using natural greens throughout so they could be used for spring!

Have fun and remember, “luck is believing you’re lucky!”

Click here for the recipes. For pricing please call your sales advisor.


An Iridescent ‘Galentines’ Day

An Iridescent ‘Galentines’ Day

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Before you give us your personal opinion about this holiday, hear us out. We have a new approach to Vday. You want to celebrate your significant other? Go ahead, we’re all for it! We’re also about celebrating those we love. Why not make Valentine’s day a special day for you and your family, your friends or even your co-workers?

Single or taken, we believe Valentine’s Day festivities are about celebrating LOVE. So this year, we decided to celebrate our favorite women; our moms, sisters, and friends with a quirky iridescent candy land themed Galentine (gals+ valentines) get-together.

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate our eccentric theme: We’re obviously going to start with the most important asset of any party, the flowers.

Once again, Kareena Fonseca, our star Mass Market sales advisor, designed two shimmering bouquets* that can be used as is or separate for smaller floral arrangements! These bouquets are also perfect for any spring wedding shower, birthday party or even a wedding! 

The idea behind using these specific combinations was to make sure the colors and flowers still stood out despite the very lively Temkin sleeves.

For our smaller arrangements, we used these simple clay vases and mason jars to not overpower the other decorations.

We had a blast decorating our space with galentines day cutouts, unicorn napkins, iridescent plates, sprinkles and TOO many sweets! We picked out an array of candy and chocolates, ice cream sandwiches, and cake. There’s no such thing as a sugar overdose, right? 

Every party should have a signature drink. Our drink of choice, The Unicorn Potion, is very simple to make. All you need is sprinkles for the glass rim, cotton candy and prosecco!

For a final touch, we bought fun cards and personalized them for each guest. We’re in the business of helping people express feelings so what better way to do that than by creating meaningful experiences that include flowers, personal handwritten cards and lots of your favorite sweets.

So for all of you that are Vday skeptics, we hope we’ve converted you into believers. It’s all about celebrating love. After all, the saying goes “Love makes the world go round”!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*For pricing information on the bouquets please call your sales advisor. For the complete bouquet recipes click here.

Tropicana New Year’s Celebration

Tropicana New Year’s Celebration

In a blink of an eye 2017 has come and gone! And what better way to celebrate the New Year than by creating an exotic party theme?

Picture this: a tropical setting, champagne for days, festive florals and decadent bites to ring in 2018!


Francesco Niesen and Kareena Fonseca are the masterminds behind our floral arrangements. All three arrangements we used featured our December Rose of the Month, Idole. We picked Idole for a particular reason. It is a great performer that will not blow up and will not overpower the other flowers and colors in the bouquets, something that was necessary for these vibrant bouquets.

We’re all about repurposing items we already own so we used a typical Colombian black clay pot for one of our centerpieces; the black clay really allowed for the colors of the flowers to come through. We also combined small matte black appetizer plates with mint, peach and marble plates we found on Etsy.

New Year’s Eve parties should always have a little gold or silver in the mix.  We paired gold pineapples and dinnerware and rose gold confetti with our silver and black tinted Eryngium to give it that sparkly touch.

Staying true to the theme of the night, we opted for Latin-inspired small bites like Guacamole and Shrimp Tostones, Steak Tartare and Ikura and Anchovy Montaditos, Chicken Croquettes with a Cilantro Aioli dip and Florida Stone Crabs with a mustard sauce.

To end on a sweet note, enjoy some dulce de leche macarons, key lime tarts and pistachio-chocolate sponge cakes.

All in all, this party theme is sure to impress your guests and transport you into 2018 in a place where mojitos and warmer weather are readily available. Don’t forget to add some edible flowers to your champagne for an extra bit of color!

Want to recreate our menu? Click here! Learn more about our floral recipes.

*Carlos Flores, Culinary Institute of America alum and chef-owner of Oasis Café, Las Olas Café and O My Desserts, created the menu.


Winter Floral Wonderland

Winter Floral Wonderland

There’s a reason why people say “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. There’s something about December that make us smile and gets us overly excited (or ambitious) about our holiday projects. Maybe it’s the fact that the air gets cooler and the temperature drops or maybe it’s because it’s the perfect occasion to get together and spend time with the ones you love.

Whether you want to make gingerbread houses, floral arrangements or decorate the Christmas tree, include your friends and family and have fun!

For this year’s holiday post, we decided to create a couple of holiday wreaths and with our excess flowers, we made different bouquets we thought would go perfectly well with our winter wonderland themed gingerbread house.

To recreate the wreaths, here is a list of the supplies you will need: 1 wire wreath, floral scissors, floral tape and floral wire. We bought this super handy kit on amazon that included everything minus the wreath!

To create the base of the wreath we used pine, but you can use ruscus and eucalyptus or your favorite greens too! For the floral accents we used gypsophila, hypericum, spray roses, gold and silver ruscus and eryngium.

Step one: Cut your greens into smaller pieces and start tying them onto your wreath with the floral wire.Repeat this step until the whole wreath is covered in pine (or the greens of your choice) and no metal part can be seen.

Step two: Cut any stems or greens that are poking out from behind with floral scissors. Depending on how tight or loose you want your wreath, continue using the floral wire until you have the exact shape you are looking for.

Step three: Add on different floral accents with both floral tape and wire. Depending on the thickness of your wreath you are going to want to use either or. 

For our first wreath, we went with gypsophila, light green spray roses (variety: Luviana) and peach hypericum.

For our second wreath, we used gold and silver tinted ruscus and eryngium.

Step four: Hang your wreath, we used a metal hook. Here are several options

Step five: Spray your wreath with water! Although these wreaths are made with natural flowers, they aren’t meant to last forever so make sure to hydrate them so they last longer.

If you have any leftover florals from your wreath making, create simple yet striking bouquets to put around your house. We mixed our metallic tints with our natural flowers to create the perfect elegant balance.

These DIY Projects are fun to make and therapeutic, which is exactly what we all need before the holiday madness begins. We hope your December festivities are full of love, laughter and lots of flowers!

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving in Miami

Thanksgiving in Miami

We know we’re not alone when we say Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Some people love it because of the copious amount of food (and the subsequent leftovers) and others are ready for hours and hours of football with friends and family. While we like a little combination of both, we get extremely excited at the endless possibilities we have when it comes to table settings, decorations and floral arrangements.

This year, with the help of our Mass Marketing Sales Advisor, Kareena Fonseca, we styled our perfect Thanksgiving celebration. And no, we could not leave out the fried yuca and platanitos, cause after all, this is Miami.

Kareena designed two 35 stem bouquets for our Thanksgiving feast featuring our November Rose of the Month, Ameli, a light peach variety with large blooms and a long vase life.

The idea behind using larger bouquets was to give us the freedom to pick apart, mix and match and play around with the different tones and varieties available. However, for those of you who have turkeys to cook, stuffing to prepare and simply don’t have time to get creative, these flower arrangements do the job on their own.

To create this long, short-stemmed arrangement, we used Crate and Barrel’s Brooklyn Long Vase, which gave the table full of thanksgiving classics a modern twist.

Use different sized multi-use mason jars as accent floral pieces for an added touch of texture to your bathroom or living area. You can find these here. 

If you have any extra flowers, incorporate them into your place settings. Place some into the napkin rings so that your guests can take them home after their meal!


Bronze Bouquet Recipe:

Ameli Roses

Timber Bronze Cushion Pompons

Prinz Bronze Cushion Pompons

Lexy Bronze Novelty Pompons

Natural Blue Eryngium

Tinted Orange Solidago

Red Leucadendron




Burgundy Bouquet Recipe:

Ameli Roses

Red (Burgundy) Cushion Pompons

Red (Burgundy) Novelty Pompons

Novelty Purple Mini Carnations

Peach Hypericum

Red Leucadendron



*Food provided by Oasis Cafe in Key Biscayne and Las Olas Cafe in Miami Beach

* Floral Sleeves by Temkin International

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